Trump to meet 2016 election hacker “guy sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds.”

Like some teenage girl with an imagined romance with a rock star, Trump apparently has yearned for a relationship with Putin even though they haven’t really met but were on the same program together but not really together although Trump did have a beauty pageant in Russia so that counts for something in Trump’s pea-sized brain that rolls around in his hollow cranium. On Friday, Trump and Putin will meet in Reality and I hope Trump doesn’t get so excited that he decides to grab Putin by the…putin.

Below is a CNN list of times Trump has spoken (lied, fantasized, postulated) about Putin.



2 thoughts on “Trump to meet 2016 election hacker “guy sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds.””

  1. Wow. Going after the debunked conspiracy about Russia, AND using CNN as a reference. I’ll be posting this response on my blog to make sure you don’t censor me.

    The Russia story have been debunked, by producers in the same news agency that created it.

    Of course, if them actually admitting it is false isn’t enough…you could always try to PROVE it is real. If you can. I’ll wait for your best evidence. Don’t worry. I’ll wait…. I also challenge you to submit it, I’ll promise to approve the comment too. So bring it on.

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