Very soon, the word “news” will permanently be preceded by the word “fake” to always and forever be referred to as “fake news.”

This is because the “news industry” is divided into individual, profit-seeking companies instead of a community of news-gatherers attempting to inform the public so they can keep democracy alive.

Many companies are coming up with their own mini-campaigns to promote Freedom of the Press and the First Amendment. In doing so, they are splitting their messages and, usually, aiming at their own audiences instead of the general public (especially those professing a distrust in the news media.

The legitimate news media needs a massive outreach campaign with billboards, surprise placements etc.  They need to cooperate in defending freedom of the press.

If they don’t, more and more people will stop referring to “the news” and begin calling it “the fake news” all the time. This is already beginning to happen and it is not going to get any better until the MSM legitimate media bands stops looking out for their own individual skins and realize we are all in this together.

“All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0,” Trump wrote on Twitter overnight.


Control the Airwaves=Control the Brainwaves

Whoever controls the airwaves (euphemistically meaning any news delivery platform) will control distribution of that news–time, place and, even, context. The Big Players got hoodwinked and high-jacked by a street fighter who out-thought and out-maneuvered them.

Today’s technology is a game-changer in the hands of those who know how to bend it to their purposes and are willing to do so. Alex Jones and President Trumpov know they are at war with the Mainstream Media but the MSM is just now realizing that.





FAKE NEWS is cheap and effective

FROM THE GUARDIAN: “”Fake News Machine research comes amid increasing concern about hacking elections and the ways that fake news on social media has manipulated voters.””


Mass Media Campaign Needed to Counter Fake News

Everyone from the president on down should know there is a new rule: If you don’t have the proof, you don’t get the pudding.

It is imperative that honest news gatherers — be they liberal, conservative, one person hunched over a laptop or an international conglomerate in a skyscraper — defend themselves as an institution with its own formal and informal checks and balances on other American institutions, most notably government and business.

The news media needs a large-scale, unified outreach campaign to re-establish the respect and credibility it desperately needs. The campaign should focus on several goals.

First, explain to every American why the First Amendment and freedom of the press are essential in a thriving democracy along with teaching the difference between real news and fake news. Also, point out the necessity for government transparency, accessibility and accountability. (One rough idea: billboards showing doors to a meeting room closed with a “NO ENTRY” sign on the door knob. The caption reads: “What is the government doing behind closed doors? A free people need a free press.”)

Today’s professional journalists have solid educations; understand their subject matter; seek out multiple, reliable sources; fact check; accept oversight from experienced supervisors and will correct mistakes.

Furthermore, freedom of the press is worthless if not tied inextricably to an ethical and moral obligation to be accurate and truthful.

So, second, the industry needs to identify reporters and news organizations that adhere to a code of ethics and professional standards as outlined by several news associations and organizations, displaying such designations just as other professionals (i.e. CPAs) do.

Third, the industry should devise a basic, agreed-upon industry-wide “Reality Check” pointing out accuracy hits and misses, as best as can be determined. This should focus on national, state and local officials and, importantly, the news media itself.

Also, sources, from the president on down, should know there is a new rule: If you don’t have the proof, you don’t get the pudding. (Back it up or it won’t be published or aired or it will be tagged as false.)

Overall, though, journalists will be most influential in bolstering their image by generating a steady flow of accurate stories that are fair to everyone yet fearful of no one.